Tuesday, May 8, 2018
By Warren Langer

There are many new home developments in South Hillsborough County.  Each offers different amenities.  Usually the more amenities a community has higher the CDD is and more expensive are the homes.  Most new home buyers check only the models and do not reflect on the amenities they are paying for.  Many end up using only a very few (if any) of the amenities even though they are paying for them.  It is like paying for a gym membership without any intention of using it.  Unlike the gym membership that you can cancel, the costs of those amenities are attached as long as you own the home and/or the life of the CDD fees.  You cannot cancel.

Before being drawn in by the models first check which communities offer what fits your life style.  You will save yourself money by selecting those communities that fit your life style before shopping for a particular home.  The same home by the same builder can vary as much as $40,000 depending on which development.  Be sure to choose a realtor that is familiar with the developments and can help you chose those that fit your lifestyle.

Warren Langer, Certified New Home Realtor