Wednesday, May 30, 2018
By Warren Langer
Wisdom in New Home Purchasing

Each new home development is different even though there may be the same builders and the same models.  In South Hillsorough County there are many new home construction developments.  Each may seem to have the same product but the prices may vary by tens of thousands of dollars.  Many of the builders have different grade of homes.  One builder has basic homes with 8 ft. ceilings in one development and in another development less than 2 miles away has the same models but built with the basic plus plan that has 9 1/2 ft.lceilings.   There are also upgrades in flooring, counters, cabinets, etc. included in the basic plus.  Although the basic house model has a cheaper base price than the basic plus home, by the time you add the upgrades you want in the basic home you are paying more than the base plus home that includes those uppgrades as standard.  The builder has larger homes in a third development that has more amenities than the other two developments.  The price per sq. ft.  is actually less with more standard features than the other two developments.  The same builder with the same home has a price difference of over $30,000 more in one development than another.  

I have been certified in New Home construction so I can help new home buyers get the most for their money.